Guide on Writing an Essay About Endangered Tigers

Essay writing is one of the crucial elements college students must accomplish before accomplishing their specific course. We have different essay forms that require different approaches to get the content and deliver as the tutor expects. You may get an endangered tigers essay. Before you start writing, you must figure out several questions first. Think of what the tutor wants you to deliver in the final paper. Shift your research on endangered tigers and figure out their importance. This article features top tips you can consider when writing, such as an essay to ensure you stay relevant throughout your writing. Read on to understand more.

Approved Tips on Writing an Essay on Endangered Tigers:

1. What are endangered tigers?

Before you start writing, you must conduct some research about endangered tigers. Think of why they are endangered and their purpose in the wildlife. Don’t just start writing on tigers as an overall, but put your focus on endangered tigers.

2. Read an essay on tigers

Another great way to generate related content on tiger essay is by reading different types of already written essays. You can get such materials in the library and on online platforms. Such papers will give you a clue where to begin and how to arrange your ideas.

3. Research on the most endangered tiger species

Again, you need to understand that we have different tiger species. Since the essay is about endangered tigers, you must specify the most endangered species. Do not simply write all the species as endangered. You must make the reader know that you understand what you are writing.

4. Highlight reasons why tigers are endangered

Another excellent tip that will help you write the tiger essay in a flowing manner is highlighting the reasons why tigers are endangered species. When you research online platforms, you will get many ideas and suggestions that will help you give and explain strong points, especially when writing the central body part of the essay.

5. Download and save the tiger essay

As you conduct your research online, you cannot always read everything at a go. That is why you must get a tiger essay guide from verified sources and save it to refer to it when you need to clear up some points. This tip will simplify finding more materials when you need to be writing down the points and explaining them well.

6. Read more content on wild animal tiger essay

To read is to get more knowledge. As a student, you must make reading part of your hobbies because with essays such as why tigers are endangered; you cannot simply get a few materials and start writing. You must read relevant materials to ensure you put down only appropriate content. The best way to read is to get a sample and save the tiger essay writing to read when your mind is composed and feeling fresh. This sample essay will enable you to remember crucial points when writing the final paper.

Siberian Tigers

The tiger population in Siberia has been on a decline in the recent past, and analysts have attributed this decline to poaching. However, the poaching of the species that feed tigers, namely the ungulates, has an indirect impact on tiger populations. In addition, the settlement patterns of tigers make them vulnerable to the heightened use of dangerous snares. The genetic attributes of Siberian tigers are not effective in supporting the mutations that tigers need to preempt their looming extinction.

Poaching threatens the existence of tigers but new evidence shows that prey depletion poses the same threat that poaching does (Zhang, Zhang & Stott 458). As such, poaching the prey that sustains the tiger populations is as significant as tiger poaching. Zhang, Zhang and Stott (456) established that the tigers living in the entire eastern stretch of the Wanda Mountains face the danger of extinction because the prey species do not reach the threshold level needed to sustain a large tiger population. The researchers came across many snares, and this indicates that the poaching of ungulates in the mountains has increased in the recent past. To ensure the survival of the tiger population, there is need for all stakeholders to implement measures meant to stop the declining population of ungulates.

According to Kasnoff, indiscriminate snares have become emerged as a new threat to wild tigers whose population has fallen to about 3,900. Snares are cheap and easy to use, and this has made them a plague of Siberian forests. Snares kill at random and thus endanger all wildlife. While it is not clear how many snares poachers set up every day, rangers have reported coming across hundreds of thousands of dangerous snares in the Asian protected areas every day. A key strategy for protecting tigers is the provision of adequate resources. Resource inadequacy has made it difficult to control the use of snares. In some of Asia’s protected areas, a ranger keeps guard over an area as large 50 square kilometers, thus making it difficult for them to track the poachers’ movements in these areas.

Hernandez-Blanco et al. (372) found that the ranges of the homes of Amur tigers had a low overlap, and this indicates that female Amur tigers tend to carve out exclusive territories. Male tigers, on the other hand, lived within ranges that had a high overlap, suggesting that they did not keep a distinct territory. When it comes to the real core areas, males had no overlap, and this indicates a small extent of spatial separation (370). In addition, the sex ratio in tiger populations indicated that the numbers of males was disproportionate, and such a skewed ratio discourages males from maintaining territories. The settlement patterns of the Amur tigers exemplify how these tigers’ habits make them vulnerable to dangerous snares.

Kerley et al. (362) argue that conservation strategies are only effective if they are based on, among others, a good understanding of the tiger diet. Ungulates form the main diet of the Amur tigers, and this means that, to protect the Amur tigers, conservation efforts should aim to sustain the population of medium and large ungulates. The variation in the biomass composition of the prey shows the devastation that the Amur tigers stand to suffer as the ungulate population declines. As Hernandez-Blanco et al. (29) demonstrate, if there is some disturbance to the equilibrium state of the ungulate population, the genetic attributes of the Amur tigers are not sufficient to restore this equilibrium. Hernandez-Blanco et al. analyzed the nuclear DNA of Amur tigers in Northern Russia and the ones in the South, and the results showed that the spatial attributes of the settlement habits had interfered with their genetic similarity.
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7. Talk to your professor

Finally, a simple tip will help you move on the right track when writing the tiger essay. Your instructor or professor will give you the best ideas to follow and help you write the best paper. Still, you can check with pioneer students who have already done such writing and get more tips from them,


Writing an essay shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack for any student. With the right people by your side, verified materials, willingness to read & research, any student can create the most fantastic essay paper, no matter the topic they get.