Smart Steps on How to Write a Journal Essay

Have you thought of writing a journal? Well, if you are a student, you will at some point get a topic on how to write a journal essay. Such a topic shouldn’t get you thinking overboard because this article features top-notch tips you can use and craft the best journal essay. Read on to understand more.

Best tips on how to write a journal essay

Before you consider writing a journal essay, there are some aspects you must put into bringing out well-structured and informative content. Different Essays have specified structures that you must follow based on your topic. That is why the points highlighted below are crucial.

1. Research on how to write an article essay

Do not begin writing a journal essay when you cannot define and create an informative essay. There and several aspects involved in crafting an article essay. For instance, an introduction is meant to hook the reader to keep reading your work. The main body must have relevant sub-topics that you need to explain in a simple manner for the reader to understand your point of view. Then, a conclusion sums up all the information in your essay. Be sure of the relevant content to put in each section to develop the best journal essay.

2. Check a journal entry essay sample

Another perfect tip to help you crack a journal essay is checking different journal entry essay samples. However, writing a journal entry is an easy task since it is all about the happenings and activities that matter to your life. Checking several samples will give you a good starting point to relate to your real-life experiences.

Journal Essay Sample

People talk about American literature as being a collection of voices drawn from American values, like freedom and rags-to-riches. The iconic stories which are always highlighted are novels like The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath, stories which examine and struggle with the concepts of wealth and power, There’s famous American writers who are not so intertwined with American values, such as Edgar Allan Poe, but they’re not talked about as American writers so much as writers who are also American. Even Poe is looped into the American story because he has come to represent the Great Depression, with all of its fear and grief.

I think it makes a lot of sense to use American literature in order to better understand the story and the values of America. However, there is the dangerous line between learning about America by reading literature, and using literature as puzzle pieces to fit the pre-imagined picture of America. I wish it was easier to delve into all of the obscure voices, the ones that aren’t so easily described as iconic, so that we could read these other, equally American, voices alongside the iconic ones.

While I am doing the readings, I try to remind myself to treat the writers as individual voices, singular people in the middle of a crowd. In this way, even if these writers were carefully chosen to represent American writers as a whole, I will at least remember not to take it for granted.

In my own experience, I know for a fact that if I were to write a story, even if it took place in this year and discussed the current politics, my piece would not correctly represent my generation. If one of my friends wrote the same sort of piece, it would not represent me, or my other friends, and it wouldn’t do too well representing our generation, either. There might be a general opinion that my generation as a whole feels, but that rounded-out opinion does not represent a single individual. In that same way, any single individual does not represent that whole.

This thought process makes it difficult for me to accept the concept of American literature. Except for living somewhere in this country, sometimes in the same general time frame or part of the map, the writers we are examining do not have very much in common at all. The era they are writing from can sometimes be identified based on the writing style, such as the number of adjectives or the usage of short, abrupt wordplay. The writing we mostly examine in class is also connected to an iconic period in American history, speaking from a particular social class about race and gender and wealth and carrying a particular political sway. However, there is no singular ingredient which makes these pieces American, the same as there is nothing truly more American about the iconic American stories than about the obscure stories that no one in the twenty-first century pays attention to anymore.

I am taking this class as an opportunity to discover amazing writers who are also from the United States. I appreciate the variety, and am looking forward to discovering more as the class continues.  I also look forward to getting more first-hand insight on snapshots from American history, as all of these authors were, in fact, there to see it happen. Hopefully, reading the works of individual voices will allow me to shed light on the classic concepts of the American dream, and the outcry for emancipation, and other images which are filtered through our heads over and over as we talk about what America is supposedly about.

3. Ask yourself what is a journal entry in writing?

When writing, you will need to write journal entries. However, you cannot achieve this if you don’t understand journal entries. Do a little bit of research, understand the entries, and learn how to put them in a document. This way, you will craft a journal essay that fits all the required guidelines.

4. Make a journal entry writing outline

After you have checked and are sure with journal entry samples, now take time and make a rough outline of your entries. Write down ideas you think are viable to be in your journal essay. This will give you a good time to think of other constructive ideas to improve your essay.

5. Read on the best journal essay example

Now that you have your journal entries do not start writing yet. Check the best example of a journal essay. There are many places you can get such information, including libraries and other online platforms. The idea is to ensure you create top-notch content that matches the guidelines of a journal essay.

6. Take note of the journal essay format

As previously mentioned, essays must have a given structure and format. Not all essays are the same, and that is why you must pay attention to the requirements of a journal essay format. The best way to get the appropriate format is by checking online platforms and reading through verified journal essays. Still, if you aren’t sure of something, talk to someone who has already done such a paper and cracked it well. Your professor or tutor can as well give you the best ideas on the right journal essay format.

7. Read some of the journal style essay

The writing style of a journal essay differs from the other essays, such as narrative, expository, or augmentative essays. Be sure of the tone, the style, and the choice of words to include in the essay. We have other elements that but be included in a journal-style essay that isn’t necessary for other essays.


Writing essays is among the tasks students need to accomplish before finishing their course studies. When writing journal-related essays, be keen on the above-described aspects to deliver a document that follows the guidelines, and you can submit it on approved sites.

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