Tips on How to Write a Personal Journal Essay

Are you already a college student, or are you about to join the movement? Well, whatever the case, you have to write an essay paper at some point before you can graduate. However, an essay isn’t just a simple paper to think of different ideas and put them down. You need to go the extra step and figure out what is the purpose of the topic you have. Analyze what the tutor expects from you and do the necessary research. That is why this article features how to write a personal journal essay. These tips provided by will give you the limelight of where to start and craft your paper to suit the overall requirements.

Tips on how to write a personal essay

Writing a personal essay requires you to have many considerations in mind as you write. Remember, you are telling the reader more personal information. Do not focus on the information other people or readers already know about you. Let your essay be as unique as possible and include information that isn’t common to the public eye.

Read more materials on how to write a personal journal

When you think of a topic on how to write personal essay, you will wonder where you can start from. Well, the good news is that other students and other pioneers have already done such papers, and when you check in libraries and online platforms, you will get plenty of materials to reference. Go through several examples to have a rough idea of how you will begin crafting your paper and the overall structure.

Personal Journal Essay Sample

Personal Journal

I have been completing my practicum rotation within the New York Department of Health/Office of Mental Health’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. I have enjoyed my time working this this challenging population. The population that I work with has difficulties with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or poly-substance abuse.

Individuals who are eligible for this program have access to Medicaid and they have to have some form of mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder. This is a difficult population to work with for many reasons, and I have been grateful for the challenge. In particular, this is a population with few resources and often there is a significant history of mental illness or abuse that is discovered. In my own clinical experiences, I have observed that many individuals who are served have had lifelong mental illness or trauma histories, and they have turned to drugs and alcohol in an effort to help them cope with their circumstances. I have seen some individuals who have attempted to stop using substances multiple times throughout their life, and it has been a growing experience to help them during their times of struggles. One of the treatment services that is offered is psychosocial rehabilitation, which we call PSR for short. This is a comprehensive and complex set of interventions aimed at helping the individual with substance abuse and mental illness. Specifically, this involves counseling with a focus on recovery-oriented practices and interventions. There is a focus on developing social and interpersonal skills which are needed to build and establish support networks. Overall, because these individuals have used substances for many years, many of their friends also have the same problems. One of our aims is to help these individuals develop a positive community of friends who help them in their pursuit of recovery. We conduct this intervention both in individual therapy and in group settings. There is a focus on teaching individual stress-management skills so they can effectively cope with stress. We also work to help with basic wellness and personal care. For instance, we address meal planning, exercise, and grooming. I receive supervision for one hour per week. A lot of time has been spent training me in the intervention and helping me to become accustomed to this patient population.

Personal Journal: Entry Two

As I complete more hours in my practicum rotation within the New York Department of Health/Office of Mental Health’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, I find myself learning more about the population, and I feel more confident in my abilities to deliver these important interventions. Before working with this population, I had little experience working in such a challenging setting. One of the major challenges I have faced is helping these individuals see that there is a new option for living when moving forward. From the patient’s perspective, I can see how difficult it would be to completely give up one’s old way of living in search of a new and healthier way. I have witnessed the struggles and relapses of many individuals, and alcohol and substances seem to have a strong hold on individuals who become addicted. Despite these challenges, I have learned a lot, and my supervisors have been helpful in coaching me along the way. Specifically, my supervisors have worked with this population for years, and they help me to debrief after difficult sessions with patients. One of the biggest lessons that I am learning is that I can provide clients with tools and resources, but I must also work to create a sense of agency with my clients. I have learned the importance of helping them move along through the stages of change since motivation has often been an area where some individuals have not thrived.

The introduction to a personal journal matters a lot

When handling a paper on personal journal writing, you must ensure the introduction part hooks the reader. Remember, in an essay, the introduction part can convince the reader to keep reading or to give up. Be sure not to give your tutor reasons to stop reading through your essay right from the introduction part.

Research on strategies for writing essays 

Although the topic is how to write personal essay, you must read through the best strategies students need to use when writing essays. The ideas you get will enable you to understand essential aspects of essays that you do not know. Avoid starting writing any essay without laying out strategies for accomplishing the whole task. This also saves most of your time as you put down your pints in an organized manner.

Think of what to write in a personal journal

Once you have a clear strategized plan on writing your essay, you now must consider the relevant content you need to put in. As you figure out the contents to include in your paper, remember the guidelines of writing such an essay. All the points should be in line with the highlighted requirements. Remember, a journal is a personal document where the owner can record events or happenings in their life. These events and ideas are what you need to turn into a story that will bring out the best essay. Some of the ideas you can include in your journal are:

  • Your dreams and visions
  • Your to-do-list and the time
  • Things that make you happy
  • Travel experiences
  • Progress reviews
  • Project planning, among many others.

Think of where to submit personal essays

When you have written your personal essays, do you think of publishing them? Well, if you want to publish, many sites will accept your well-crafted personal essay. As long as you have mastered and used all the required guidelines, check different platforms, and craft a nice pitch, then submit your paper. Consider sites that offer payments for more benefits.


Writing a personal essay isn’t a hard task because the information revolves around your daily activities and personality. However, you need to ensure you write up to the required standards by submitting your essay for publication purposes.

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